Christine D. Beatty: Emergence

I reissued an updated version of Misery Loves Company at the close of 2010 and published my memoir Not Your Average American Girl in May of 2011. I went on a limited book tour for the rest of the year in Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Massachusetts, and San Francisco. During this period I became friends with filmmaker Sandra Mohr, and helped produce her current project. The film bug bit me deeply.

I wanted to go beyond screenwriting. In early 2012 I had a superb idea for adapting convention footage Sandra had shot into a comedy-horror 'B' movie. I spent months writing, planning, buying supplies, testing gags, etc. We had a plum opportunity for a location. Everything was arranged. And then the star flaked out with no warning at all.

I never wanted to be in that position again. I knew the best way to obtain far better control over my film projects was to learn as much as possible, so I started taking night and weekend classes in Cinema Arts at LA Valley College. The more I learned, the more I fell in love with the cinema—both its history and its techniques.

Partway through film school my friend Marlo Bernier shot a TV pilot, Myrna. I had to get involved. After working on the electrical crew and production crew, I came in as an executive producer to help get the show out of post. It should have sold but sadly it didn't.

My last major film school project was a twelve-minute short—"Valerie" about the plight of an abused runaway who lands in even deeper trouble on the mean streets of Hollywood. Despite its meager ($4700) budget, it was accepted into the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival in 2018.