Christine D. Beatty: Curriculum Vitae

To be perfectly factual, this page is more of a biography than a true curriculum Vitae, but we'll just have to get past that.


Subsequent to six years of parochial school and two of public junior hight, I attended Aragon High School in San Mateo, CA. I graduated in January of 1976, six months early. From Basic Training to tech school and beyond, the United States Air Force taught me invaluable lessons.

After my USAF service, I shredded through a two-year Computer Science program at Skyline College, graduating with honors in 1985. However, my most profund education came from the underworld school of hard knocks, from 1986 until I got sober and hired as a programmer in mid 1989.

In 2004, I completed 18 units in nine months in the UCLA Feature Film Screenwriting program, earning straight As. In 2016, I earned an AA degree in Cinema Arts with Honors at the Los Angeles Valley College campus—finishing with a perfect 4.0 GPA—while working at my fulltime job as a software engineer and editing my first novel, Homegirl.


San Francisco area native Christine D. Beatty is a transgender woman who rose from a life of prostitution and addiction to become a software engineer, a journalist and musician. In the 1990s she was a transgender activist and speaker to college classes and symposiums. In 1995 she cofounded and performed in the “Cyber Rock” band Glamazon until she left the music business for writing. In addition to countless articles in a panoply of periodicals, Christine has written three books, most notably her fearlessly candid memoir, Not Your Average American Girl.

After she relocated to Los Angeles, Christine decided to write for movies, learning screenwriting at UCLAE. At the same time she wrote her first novel, Homegirl. In 2011 Christine joined the production team for the documentary film Radio Wars. Two years later, she enrolled in the Cinema/Media Arts program at Los Angeles Valley College while she finished editing Homegirl. In Christine’s seconds year of film school she executive produced and crewed on the pilot for the TV dramedy, Myrna. She is currently working on multiple writing and movie projects while she continues her three-decade career in software design.